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Mitutoyo 5 Piece, Machinist Caliper and Micrometer Tool Kit 0 to 6 Inch Calip... (282535178863)
Tool Kit,Micrometer,Caliper,Rule,3 Pcs MITUTOYO 64PKA073B (332769186785)
64PKA073B Mitutoyo Caliper & Mic Tool Kit (291803052860)
Mitutoyo 64PKA073B Tool Package, Digmatic, INCH, with 6" Mycal Lite Caliper, 1" Digital Micrometer, 6" Steel Rule (Pack of 4) (B01M05DGLB)
Tool Kit, Micrometer, Caliper, Rule, 3 Pcs (B073JFW6LW)
MITUTOYO Precision Measuring Tool Kit,3pc, 64PKA073B (252990433350)

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